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Blog Posts

  • A Homeschool Saga

    There are so many perks of homeschooling, especially in our current times, including the mask issue. However, there is a very real burnt-out side of this that is just not sustainable for everyone long term, myself included! I personally carry some guilt that my kids aren’t getting enough out of our little homeschool gig. Even though I taught a kid how to read, I mean how cool is that?? I also had to change my phone password since he can no longer be trusted to ignore the texts my husband sends while at work! Ahhh!! But still very proud that the little guy is such a stellar reader.
  • Camping 101 For Moms

    Before kids, we would pack whatever clothes that would get us thru the trip, fill up a cooler of snack and drinks, scrape together pieces of a tent, and hit the road!  One time we forgot the tent poles and I had to stand on my husband's shoulders to hang the tent from a tree...