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A Homeschool Saga

If you would have asked me in my late teens if I would ever end up married and homeschooling four children, I would have checked you into a psych facility immediately! However, life changes in ways that we can rarely predict (cue the “pandemic” of 2020).
Ever since the day your baby is born, all you hear about is their need for stability, consistency, and not a lot of screentime! Let’s be real, screens definitely took over in our house during the first lockdown.  My kids started calling Netflix “mom” … It was the weirdest thing. A change we flowed with. Zoom calls were our next hurdle. Having three kids in three different grades (including one in kindergarten) was a nightmare, to say the least. Everyone had different break times, some even made up their own breaks. *face palm* I had no idea what was being taught, or who was running the classes half the time. No stability, no consistency, and definitely too much screentime. The day a grown man hacked a zoom class at our middle school and exposed himself to the kids, I was done! 😡
*Homeschooling entered the chat*
Everything was bright and shiny the first year of homeschooling. We had nice desks made for our kids, put together a cute cart of all the school supplies, the works! You know those monsters destroyed it all in 5 minutes… So that was fun. Nonetheless, our kids were home with me, I knew exactly what they were learning, and my only teacher concern was the overcaffeinated/sleep-deprived mother of theirs! Pure bliss if you ask me! When school days are more difficult, we tend to just skip it for the day and take our learning outside or meet friends at the park.
There are so many perks of homeschooling, especially in our current times, including the mask issue. However, there is a very real burnt-out side of this that is just not sustainable for everyone long term, myself included! I personally carry some guilt that my kids aren’t getting enough out of our little homeschool gig. Even though I taught a kid how to read, I mean how cool is that?? I also had to change my phone password since he can no longer be trusted to ignore the texts my husband sends while at work! Ahhh!! But still very proud that the little guy is such a stellar reader.
I think as moms we want to shield our kids as much as possible from the evils of present times. Unfortunately, our public schools don’t always share that interest. Often times parents feel that they are teaching values at home that are disregarded at school, or even challenged. Don’t even get me started on the latest sex ed curriculums!
*A light at the end of this tunnel*
A girlfriend of mine reached out last year to tell me of this amazing project she was working on, for a new charter school! Praise be, thank you Jesus. My tired mom cries have been heard! Two weeks ago, I got to meet with the board and chat about what this school would look like, and really dive into all my stresses and frustrations with our current school options. To my delight, this new charter school curriculum falls so nicely into my values. They really emphasized having a close relationship between staff, parents, and the students, and having our values for our kids be honored.
What really has me excited is their education model! It follows the American Classical Education model from Hillsdale College, and centers around what is good, true, and beautiful. Which feels like everything our world is missing right now! Rather than tell our children WHAT to think, this model encourages children HOW to think and instills tools for critical thinking and wonderment. This classical education is set to build strong character and virtue with the highest possible value out on liberty. To put simply, our kids will learn fundamentals of life, science, and humanity and love our country, can I get an amen??
I know what you’re thinking… But what about the masks and vax? While this charter school will still be required to follow state guidelines, the board has a strong position opposing those mandates. Not to say that the school is above the law, but to note that the board shares our concerns and interests for our kids and will try to help parents navigate through those as best possible with religious/medical exemptions, etc. Let’s be real, things change every day in our country lately, WHO KNOWS what things will look like in a year or two! The education model alone is so encouraging for this tired mama, it makes the other hurdles look miniscule.
*Not me, loading up my kids to take them to this new school TODAY!*
The education model, values, and strategy are set! However, the location and timing are still in the works. The two somewhat rely on each other. At this point, the board is trying to find the best possible location for the school to be able to serve the most students and families. That’s where you come in, babe! I have included the interest form below for you to fill out. This DOES NOT mean that you are obligated send your kids to this school, or automatically enroll you. Most importantly, this form will help the board map out where the most interest is in the valley to better serve the community of tired, overworked families! Please check out their website for more info, and a more in-depth look at the curriculum to see if it would be a good fit for your family!
Hang in there, mamas! We will make it through this… One venti cold brew at a time!



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