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Camping 101 For Moms

It's that time of the year when we pack our homes and families and head out to the middle of nowhere for some peace, water, and FUN!  Well, at least that's the goal! 😜

If you are like us and haven't been camping since pre-children, let me just warn you that things have CHANGED!  Before kids, we would pack whatever clothes that would get us thru the trip, fill up a cooler of snack and drinks, scrape together pieces of a tent, and hit the road!  One time we forgot the tent poles and I had to stand on my husband's shoulders to hang the tent from a tree... Luckily, this was 10yrs ago before we documented everything with pictures and social media.  So there is NO evidence of that fiasco!  OH how the times have changed, sister!

I was so nervous to take our kids camping (thank you anxiety) and to be in a new setting that I was not familiar with.  Also, toddlers are assholes and push the limit on the daily, so all of the "what-ifs" added to my stress!  We were fortunate enough to borrow a friend's trailer so that we didn't have to tent camp.  Praise be.  Then my irrational thoughts about my kids opening the trailer door in the middle of the night and walking away without me knowing started creeping in.  If you are lucky enough to not have anxiety, this is a tiny glimpse into the shit show that your brain creates!  I know some of you mamas can relate!
We went camping with friends who were pros at this camping gig, so I gathered all kinds of info for next time!  We had a blow up pool for the kids (put a tarp under it where they can take their shoes off without tracking in dirt and grass), corn hole, badminton, and cute crafts for the kids to do while we had down time.  Not to mention the sweet outdoor kitchen setup!  There were two different stove tops (one included a flat top), a rice cooker, a pop up hamper with a trash bag in it (super fancy trash can), and a big bin for all the dishes for easy washing.  We were definitely spoiled!
Our packing began with laundry, as it usually does before trips.  It is so nice to have all of the clothes laid out and easily accessible when packing.  It also helps eliminate the "WHERE ARE YOUR SHORTS" meltdowns!  Despite the solid packing job that I did for my kids... your girl decided that TWO shirts for a multiple day camping trip was a solid idea! 🤦🏽‍♀️  I wish I was kidding!  I've compiled a couple lists of things to pack- some necessities, and other random things that may get forgotten.  There is a ton more to be added, especially if you are tent camping, but hopefully this gives you a solid starting point.
We kept food pretty simple.  I did pre-make some breakfast sandwiches (English muffin, pesto, provolone, tomato, sausage, & egg) that we reheated in the microwave each morning.  We also bought a couple pounds of seasoned fajita meat from a local meat market + salsas for a taco night.  It was so easy to just throw on the grill and go!  Aside from that, we packed lunch meat, chips, s'mores goodies, protein bars, kid drinks, and lots of waters.  It was basically a free for all each day with the afternoon snacking!  😂

Overall, we survived, and took note of the things we wished we brought... Like more shirts and tennis shoes!! 🤣  Dare I say that we even had FUN??  If I can survive camping with children, so can YOU, mama! 👏🏽  What are your camping must-haves? I would love to grow our list! 😍


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