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Nest Care Instructions

We know you love your baby nest, and want to keep it in the best condition.  We also know that poo happens, and washes are necessary!  As all washing machines may vary, spot cleaning is always the best option (when possible).

For washing machine cleaning:

  • Tie ribbon at the bottom of nest (so ribbon does not escape like a hoodie lace).
  • Make sure Velcro is closed and secure with foam inside the sleep area.
  • Place in wash on delicate cycle on COLD.
  • Once washed, place nest in dryer on delicate
  • If foam comes out in wash, DON’T PANIC! Just place it in the dryer with nest.
  • After drying, stuff foam back into the sleep area. Secure with Velcro.

**Due to the variations in washing machines/cycles, Amelia Rose & Co, LLC will not be liable for items that may have been damaged in the wash.  Please visit our Shop Policies for more information.